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The Sweepers and Tankers Podcast deals with anything and everything in the street sweeping and sewer tanker world. Sponsored by Johnston Sweepers, a BUCHER company and Bucher Municipal. Hosted by Product Marketing Manager, Matt Starnes. Future episodes include product spotlights with engineers, sweeping and sewer cleaning associations, tech talk, mechanic talk, events, and so much more.

Johnston Sweepers and Bucher Municipal 101

Join host Matt Starnes for a brief introduction to Johnston Sweepers, a BUCHER company and Bucher Municipal. Street sweepers, sewer cleaners, winter equipment, refuse and more Bucher Municipal and Johnston Sweepers products are covered.

This episode is an overview primer meant to help listeners learn about the world of Bucher so they can understand and learn through future podcast episodes.

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Here’s the full transcript of the podcast.

Announcer: ¬†Welcome to the Sweepers and Tankers Podcast, sponsored by Johnston Sweepers, a BUCHER company providing endless sweeping solutions and by Bucher Municipal North America, powered by innovation and specializing in the development and manufacture of world-class recycling sewer cleaners for over 30 years. This podcast covers topics on the street sweeper and sewer cleaning equipment market. Now let’s welcome our host Matt Starnes.

Matt Starnes: Thanks so much. This is Matt Starnes, Product Marketing Manager for Johnston Sweepers and Bucher Municipal North America. This episode of the sweepers and tankers podcast is your 101 brief overview of Johnston Sweepers and Bucher Municipal. To start off with a little bit about me, I started off in radio in my late teens into my twenties. I did sales, marketing, digital marketing, and evolved from there along the way. Got into podcasting as well. So what we would like to do for this episode is just give you a little bit of history about Johnston Sweepers and also Bucher Municipal North America. All that said, let’s jump right into Johnston Sweepers. Trusted since 1904 Johnston Sweepers continues to be the global leader in the manufacturing of street sweepers to over 80 countries worldwide. Each sweeper is engineered with the purpose of making street sweeping, simple, reliable, and productive.

Matt Starnes: When it comes to street sweeping, Johnston is all about delivering the right sweeper, whether it be regenerative air sweepers, vacuum powered sweepers, mechanical sweepers, electric sweepers, diesel-powered sweepers, truck sweepers, and so much more and they’re all great for any application while maintaining the lowest cost of operation and producing incomparable performance. That’s why our tagline is Endless Sweeping Solutions. From a humble beginning the Mechanical Johnston mobile Sweeper and Collector, Johnston Sweepers has been manufacturing street sweepers in Dorking UK for more than 81 years. Johnston exports over 70% of its sweeper production to more than 80 countries worldwide helping to clean city streets all over the world. Johnston Sweepers was established to provide sweeper solutions for a strong network of our 40 distributors across the North American market, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Johnston’s global reach provides the North American operation with unique insight and knowledge and experience gained an arrange of international environments that can be used to provide even better sweeping solutions for customers with sweepers.

Matt Starnes: Tailored to operate in many specific applications. Johnston offers a wide choice of products and options to ensure maximum performance is always achieved. Why Johnston? Well, we make the buying process and ownership of a street sweeper simple and flexible. Johnston Sweepers provides endless sweeping solutions and the Johnston Sweepers team provides you endless support. Rest assured, our dealer network is comprised of highly trained and thoroughly committed individuals. This level of commitment and excellence is what has gained us the worldwide leading position in the street sweeping marketplace. We want to help you make the most informed decision possible. That’s why we created the guide, five things you must know before buying a street sweeper. This is a completely free guide and you can find it at JohnstonSweepers.US. Johnston Sweepers, welcome to your street sweeper home. Turning our attention to the Bucher Municipal division of Bucher Municipal, AG, a global corporation has been writing industrial history for over 200 years.

Matt Starnes: As a division, we have become a worldwide manufacturer of municipal vehicles for cleaning and clearing operations on public and private roads globally. Our range encompasses sweepers, vehicles for sewer, cleaning and refuse collection as well as winter maintenance equipment. Bucher Municipal vehicles offer efficient cleaning, ease of operation, and low maintenance costs all while having great environmental compatibility, whatever the weather conditions. We are aware of our responsibility to society and environment for ensuring roads and public spaces are kept clean and safe and we live up to it by focusing on functional engineering, environmental integrity, and driving comfort. Bucher Municipal’s worldwide product mix includes sweepers, sewer, cleaning units, winter equipment, and refuse equipment. Bucher Municipal’s worldwide product mix of sweepers offers three distinct ranges of products through the leading industry brands including Bucher Municipal, Johnston Sweepers and Beam Sweepers. We offer a full range of products from municipal contracting, construction, and airport applications.

Matt Starnes: Our sweeper products are at the forefront of vacuum, mechanical, and regenerative air technology. Our products play a central role in securing a sustainable environment and a profitable business for our customers. We take pride in designing and manufacturing the market’s best water recycling units using only the most advanced technological components available for our sewer cleaners. Today Bucher Municipal offers a full range of sewer cleaning equipment for municipal contractors and construction applications using only the highest quality components and advanced technology. Our winter equipment helps with snow removal, deicing and also has the best and controls and vehicle installations are refuse equipment. Includes truck and refuse equipment such as the UrBin Rear Loader, the FORCE Front Loader, and the SPORT Gen 6 Side Loader. We also offer static compactor, which is a bulk waste compaction equipment unit. Bucher Municipal, number one in municipal equipment. This was just an overview. We just barely touched on the products of Johnston Sweepers and the capabilities of Bucher Municipal. To find out more information, simply go to BucherMunicipal.US and again for Johnston Sweepers, go to JohnstonSweepers.US. Thanks, and I hope you’ll join us for the Sweepers and Tankers Podcast where we cover everything dealing with the street sweeper and sewer tanker world.

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