Podcast interview with Larry Kaufmann about the Bucher Municipal Center of Excellence

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All about the Bucher Municipal Center of Excellence

On this installment of the Sweepers & Tankers Podcast, host Matt Starnes chats with Southwest Regional Sales Manager Larry Kaufmann. Larry fills us in on the Grand Opening of the Bucher Municipal Center of Excellence.

The Bucher Municipal Center of Excellence grand opening takes place on May 8th and May 9th, 2019 at 1551 S. Vineyard Ave. Ontario, California 91761.

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Matt Starnes: Matt Starnes here your host of Sweepers and Tankers podcast. Just want to give a little bit of background about Bucher Municipal. Bucher Municipal is a division of Bucher Municipal Industries, AG a global corporation that has been writing industrial history for over 200 years now. We are worldwide manufacturer municipal vehicles for cleaning, clearing operations on public and private roads globally and the full product range encompasses sweepers, vehicles for sewer cleaning and refuse collection as well as winter maintenance equipment and all these offer efficient cleaning, ease of operation, low maintenance costs, environmental compatibility, whatever the weather conditions. There are three distinct ranges of products through the leading industry, brands, sweepers, including Bucher, Johnston Sweepers, and Beam Sweepers. We offer a full range of products from municipal contracting, construction and airport applications. Our sweeper products are really at, really at the forefront of vacuum, mechanical and regenerative air technology.

Matt Starnes: We offer a full range of sewer cleaning equipment for municipal contract and construction applications using only the highest quality components and advanced technology. The winter equipment that we have helps with snow removal, de-icing, and also has the best and controls and vehicle installations our refuse equipment, includes truck-mounted refuse equipment such as the urban rear loader, the force front loader, and the sport Gen six side loader. We also offer static compactor, which is a bulk waste compaction equipment unit. Bucher Municipal really is number one in municipal equipment. This was just a brief overview of the capabilities of Bucher Municipal to find out more information, go to Buchermunicipal.us – Bucher Municipal, powered by innovation. Thanks. I hope you enjoy our conversation with Southwest Regional Sales Manager Larry Kaufmann.

Announcer: Welcome to the Sweepers and Tankers podcast sponsored by Johnston Sweepers, a BUCHER company providing endless sweeping solutions TM and by Bucher Municipal North America powered by innovation and specializing in the development and manufacture of world-class recycling sewer cleaners for over 30 years. This podcast covers topics on the street sweeper and sewer cleaning equipment market. Now let’s welcome our host, Matt Starnes.

Matt Starnes: Alright, Larry Kaufmann, thank you for joining us today. If you could start off talking about the grand opening of the Bucher Municipal Center of Excellence and educational event, I think everybody’s really excited about this on the west coast, but also all over the country. Really.

Larry Kaufmann: That’s great. It’s scheduled for May the eighth and May the ninth, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at our facility in Ontario, California. And we were very excited to show it off and to have a facility in Southern California that will be able to, be a point where everybody can come in and learn about our trucks and get the greatest customer service on the planet.

Bucher Municipal Center of Excellence guest parking welcome sign
Welcome! Bucher Municipal Center of Excellence

Matt Starnes: Absolutely fantastic. And for those folks who might not be familiar with the Ontario, California area, that is close to, what, about 40 minutes from Los Angeles? Larry: Yeah. If there’s no traffic usually an hour and I would say three if there is traffic.

Larry Kaufmann: So we think we’re pretty centrally located in the southern California area to service from the border, at least up to Bakersfield. Matt: Excellent, excellent. And looking on Google maps the other day and actually your, you know, the location is really convenient if you’re flying into the Ontario airport, you were saying you could probably walk to it or not too bad about three blocks away from the facility. Larry: Yeah, I mean if you, if you fly in and just Uber to the facility, it’s about a five, ten-minute ride about 10 bucks.

Matt Starnes: Oh, you can’t beat that at all. So for folks who, since this is such a great concept to know recently the Center of Excellence opened up in Ireland. If I’m not mistaken. And if you could just kind of let people know what, what a center of Bucher Municipal Center of Excellence is because it, it’s so vast. It was, you guys can just do so many things.

Larry Kaufmann: One of the things we’re doing is we’re actually incorporating a number of different product lines into the Bucher Center of Excellence here in Ontario as well. We have a, obviously our tanker trucks and recyclers and our sewer cleaning equipment. What we will also have sweepers, a piece of winter equipment. And from what I understand where you’ve been going to start with the garbage truck line as well. And that will be inclusive of sales, parts, service training, inventory of equipment for demo and for even loaning out if we need to. So what we’ll incorporate a lot of different points of customer service that we think will benefit the Bucher line moving forward in Southern California and frankly a lot of the United States.

Matt Starnes: That’s absolutely fantastic. And you’ve mentioned the garbage trucks and the waste, all those things kind of go hand in hand. And I think, you know, the booker municipal full range of products at some point, that’s, that’s gonna be a huge, huge plus for the area and the whole, the whole almost the whole state of California.

Larry Kaufmann: Well when you look at the at the state of California and the Western United States, we have just about every temperate zone that you can think of. So it will, you know, even the winter equipment, the snow blowing and the, and the electric, a dispenser of salt and sand come into play up in the mountains with the snow and the ice there as well as Arizona, New Mexico, Utah so it, it can bring in a lot of different areas, especially with governmental work, municipal work, and contractor work.

Center of Excellence Ontario, California - Spare Parts

Matt Starnes: You also have that ability, if I’m not mistaken at the training center to, to, you know, to the service center to actually train and, and Demo and you know, to have people take a look around the facility. So I think you just have, there are so many things, so many pluses where the before the service center and I think people are going to be really, really excited about that. Also, I guess one of the benefits too would be as we’re constantly updating the Bucher Municipal line, even after release, we’re constantly tinkering and improving and, and listening to the end user’s feedback. And so you’ll actually be able to make modifications and update products as, as we kind of improve them because there really is a continuous process. So I think, I think that’s a pretty, a pretty powerful benefit of the service center.

Larry Kaufmann: Yeah. And, and from a corporate standpoint and an IT standpoint there that were already upgrading some of our capabilities as far as being online with London and Denmark and even the Zurich to help us get the latest and greatest software parts availability and training that we can offer.

Matt Starnes: I think what’s really, what’s really cool, quite frankly a, I’m a bit of a Geek, but the educational program that you’ve put together for them, for the launch a grand opening on May 8th and ninth could you, could you talk a little bit about that? Cause it looks like a pretty full program all the way from 10:00 AM to four or 5:00 PM.

Larry Kaufmann: So we’re, we’re, we’re going to do introductions on various pieces of equipment. We’re going to have electric sweepers down here and as well as the full line of Bucher Municipal sewer trucks, winter trucks, sweeper trucks, as well as individuals from frankly all over the world to give us the latest and greatest are, are offering that Bucher Municipal has. And I think it’ll be a fun time as well as very informative time or our, our customers in Southern California to come and see exactly what are our capabilities are.

Inspecting a sewer tanker at the Bucher Municipal Center of Excellence

Matt Starnes: One of the things that stick out reviewing the program for Wednesday, May 8th, as I’m looking over, is that two to four o’clock,  the timeframe, it’s a workshop which I always enjoy workshops. I like to touch things and what gets look at it, look at my hand on what’s going on. And you’ve, you know, you’ve got the shop in shop, spare parts, and the accessories and it looks like a kind of an open area with a cleaning and clearing equipment on display. And I know we’re going to have as far as you know, the sweeper side of it too is you mentioned we’ll have accessories as well as on display there as well of course as the sewer tankers and sewer cleaning equipment as well. But I thought that was a really, really neat thing to have a workshop, but I kind of, I like those a lot better than just kind of going and listening to somebody speak for two hours.

Larry Kaufmann: So, yeah, I think you know, people that can climb on the equipment and get, get their hands on it and see their capabilities are going to be pretty impressed. Matt: And looking at the Thursday main programming it’s kinda, it was I wonder if you could talk a little bit about the five causes that take you to the service center. And I don’t want you to give away the whole program there, but that would give us a little tease on that one because I think it’s important in that it’s how you, you’re actually helping people avoid maintenance, which is pretty interesting.

Larry Kaufmann: Yeah. I mean I think it’s critical that, you know, we can be as proactive with our product as well as the competitive product because there are, there are a lot of things that frankly, some of our contractors and our customers really don’t have the capability of the monitoring of their own, their own product, their own maintenance.

Larry Kaufmann: We can offer a complete maintenance program as well as even daily monitoring of their piece of equipment remotely. So it really can help our customers be more efficient and actually have found running a piece of equipment all the time.

Matt Starnes: And then I think we all like, is an opportunity for free stuff. I know I do. So, it looks like on the eighth you’ve got a drawing for complimentary retraining, which I think has great value. And then on Thursday the ninth, it looks like you have a drawing for a full operators kit. So I think people would be pretty excited about that. And that says the day causes three each of those on, on the eighth and ninth.

Winter Equipment Banner - Bucher Municipal Center of Excellence

Larry Kaufmann: Yeah, that’s correct. We, we hope to have a great crowd from all different municipalities and contractors in the area we hope that it’s going to be a great success introducing our Bucher Center of Excellence and being part of the community moving forward.

Matt Starnes:  That’s perfect. It’s perfect. Then just, I want to give a shout out as well to the Buchermunicipal.us Website. This is where folks can go and right now, as of recording time, and I’m sure all the way up to the event, but the website has really been transformed that has a usual great information you can get, but right now it is, has been transformed to give people as much information as possible. It’s just a great wealth of information about the Bucher Municipal Center of Excellence and the program that’s going on over those two days for the grand opening. So I think that’s, that’s been really well done and it’s a great reference for folks. And again, being so close to the Ontario, California airport but I think it’s, it’s very easy to get in and out and they can enjoy, you know, enjoy both of those full days.

Larry Kaufmann: Yeah. And the weather is, the weather should be pretty nice, especially for people coming from other parts of the, of the country. But those in Southern California to will just have a really nice time enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful mountains around Ontario as well as, you know, the great access to the airport and the surrounding area we’re adjacent to three different freeways within five minutes of our location, plus we have UPS and FedEx capabilities right at the airport. So from a lot of different perspectives, we will have unbelievable access to overnight parts overnight service capabilities. And as well as you know, people coming in from all over the country that may want to take advantage of our, of BCE. And learn about our products here as well.

Matt Starnes: Any closing thoughts overall you’d want folks to know about the, yeah. Bucher Municipal Center of Excellence?

Larry Kaufmann: We’ve, we’ve done our homework. We really think we have a, a great concept here and I think that people are going to be very impressed when they come and see our open house and grand opening on May 8th and ninth. And I invite everybody that is in the area. Please come by and see what we’re all about.

Matt Starnes: Larry Kaufmann, thank you so much for joining us. And again, for more information easy enough, just go to Buchermunicipal.us And all the information you could possibly need is there for you.

Larry Kaufmann: Thanks for the opportunity and I really appreciate it.

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Center of Excellence - Ontario, California
Center of Excellence – Ontario, California