Financing Solutions for Municipalities

Municipal financing flyer

Financing assets, how to get a yes

Is financing a solution alluding you? Is your budget for the equipment you need now shrinking through the normal procurement channels? In need of truck-mounted street sweepers, sewer cleaning tanker trucks, or winter maintenance equipment? Beyond all the obvious COVID-19 pandemic challenges, obtaining the equipment to keep your town safe shouldn’t be one of them.

Learn how to turn the budget cut “no’s” into YES with our solutions.

NCL Government Capital financing

Our sales managers and dealers have another resource in their financial toolbox. That resource is our procurement partner, Jake Ost of NCL Government Capital. Jake helps you find a way to ownership without creating new debt.

Even more exciting is you can easily get the equipment you need now, and not make a payment for an entire year! Jake and NCL Government Capital is a trusted resource ready to help you find a fast, effective buying solution.


  • As a result of annual lease payments, you gain purchasing power.
  • No death by committee. As a result, through a municipal lease, there is no required voter approval or the time-consuming bond election process.
  • In addition, there is a non-appropriation clause that allows for lease termination without penalty.
  • No fear of new debt creation – leases are not considered debt and are not subject to limitations placed on debt.
  • Also, make payments using your operating budget.
  • Therefore, the heavy lifting already is done, saving you hours of administrative headaches.

Leases designed for public entities

Tax-exempt municipal lease purchasing programs are available to most organizations that can incur debt. As a result, the interest paid is exempt from federal income taxes in most cases.

Here’s the link to download the Financing_Solutions_with_NCL-2020 flyer.

In addition to NCL Government Captial, make sure to explore all of our resources. Please visit the financing section of our website.