The Bucher Municipal
Center of Excellence

We’re setting the new standard for the best customer experience in the industry.
The Center of Excellence in Ontario, California, is an all-in-one solution for
sweeper, sewer cleaning, and winter equipment.

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We make the buying process and ownership of a sweeper simple and flexible.


A longer lasting product with a superior lifetime warranty.


Lower operating costs and longer on-station time.

We don’t sell street sweepers, we sell clean streets.

Cities and contractors look to Johnston as a resource to clean streets at lowest cost of operation based on their application.


Trusted since 1904.

Johnston Sweepers continues to be the global leader in the manufacturing of street sweepers to over 80 countries worldwide. Each sweeper is engineered with the purpose of making street sweeping simple, reliable and productive.

When it comes to street sweeping, Johnston is all about delivering the right sweeper (regenerative air sweepers, vacuum sweepers, mechanical sweepers, electric sweepers, diesel-powered sweepers, truck mounted sweepers, etc.) for any application while maintaining the lowest cost of operation and producing incomparable performance; that’s what we call Endless Sweeping Solutions™.

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